Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aroma Home Screen Wipes- Review Only

Aroma Home had a store- Ee I Ee I Oh!
And in that store they sold a 

Ee I Ee I Oh!

 With a swipe swipe 
Laptop monitors

and a swipe swipe
Mommy's LCD

Here a swipe
Flat Screen TV

There a swipe
Daddy's Plasma Monitor


Aroma Home had a store
Ee I Ee I Oh!

Aroma Home sent me a cute bunny screen wipe to review for my Back to School Event. As soon as we opened the package my daughter and son were excited to try it out. Yes, my daughter and son actually wanted to wipe their fingerprints and the dust and static away on all the electronics that we own. The bunny screen wipe is incredibly soft with embroidered eyes and mouth which ensures your screens will never be scratched. 

The tummy of the animal screen wipes are made of a porous, non abrasive leather called chamois. Chamois is commonly used as a drying material or polishing cloth so I definitely think it was a great choice as the screen wipe. In addition the the chamois, the screen wipes have a nice, clean lemon zest scent.
To buy:  Visit Aroma Home to purchase the Screen Wipes for $10 each. You can choose from an elephant, pig, tiger, Schnauzer, duck, gorilla, bunny, horse and giraffe. Check out their website for all the other great products they have including their Hot Body Wraps and their Neck Warmers.