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Picture of SKOY cloths in orange, blue and yellow
SKOY Cloths

     I recently was sent a four pack of eco-friendly SKOY cloths (mixed colors with flower print) after winning them off of a blog called Caching Family. The retail value of a  four pack of SKOY cloths is $6.99 and well worth every single penny!

     Here are some interesting facts about the SKOY cloths
  • SKOY cloths are biodegradable because they are European made from a natural cotton and wood-based cellulose pulp. SKOY can also be placed in compost.
  • SKOY clothes can be used in place of your sponge, paper towels and even wash cloths.
  • The use of one SKOY cloth is the equivalent to using FIFTEEN rolls of paper towels! 
  • SKOY cloths have the absorbency of 15x it's own weight.
  • SKOY cloths are dishwasher and washer/dryer safe and microwavable. 
     To use the SKOY cloth wet it thoroughly and squeeze out excess water for optimal absorption.  You may use regular household cleaners with it but it works just as well with water. It is best to avoid using chlorine bleach on the SKOY cloth. 
    To care for you SKOY cloth you can microwave it daily for 1-2 minutes while damp, put it in the dishwasher with any normal load or you can use your washing machine and dryer but not to exceed temperatures above 190 degrees F. If you choose to use regular dish soap to clean your SKOY cloth you should know that it dries very quickly therefore it won't be a breeding ground for bacteria.

      I have been using the SKOY cloth for about a week now and I have definitely fallen in love with them. I love how quickly I can run to my sink, wet the cloth and know that I most likely will only need one trip to the spill because of the amazing absorption capabilities it has. I have only used them in my kitchen and living room so far where I have laminate floors. I have cleaned up shampoo, milk and yogurt off my floors. I have cleaned sugar, juice from raw pork, water splashes and fruit juices off my counter top. I really couldn't be more pleased! As I said before, I received four cloths in four different colors. It will be easy to assign each SKOY a particular job including a wash cloth for my kids sticky fingers and a dish cloth for my sink. I highly recommend the SKOY cloth to anyone who cringes about the amount of paper towels being used in their house and also to those who get aggravated with paper towels that fall apart during use. The one and only problem I have with the SKOY cloth is where to store them but in time I will find a solution to that. 

In addition to the above packages you can purchase on their website, they also have a subscription service which will send you eight mixed color SKOY cloths for $13.98 on a regular basis (Every three, four, five or six months).