Friday, August 13, 2010

Fix it Friday #66 Link Up

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Fix it Friday #66!
Everyone who knows me personally knows how much I adore taking pictures but even more than taking them I enjoy editing them. If I could get paid to edit picture after picture for a living I would truly have my dream job. I recently found a blog called I Heart Faces. It's a great website/blog that has photo tutorials, photo challenges and they even have a community where you can get involved and share your work. They have been doing Fix it Fridays for quite some time now and this week I decided to join in. This is the original photo that I Heart Faces readers had to work with:

And here is my editing job. I use Picnik to edit all of my pictures. It's very user friendly and it's free unless you decide to upgrade to a premium account.

Personally, I absolutely love do a B&W effect and fading it to let a little color though and then making those baby blues POP POP POP! My children both have blue eyes and it's my favorite editing trick to do.

I missed my Wordless Wednesday post so I'll pretend this is it. I've been so busy this week starting my new job. It was a great week all in all and I'm very thankful for my family and my readers!