Thursday, June 17, 2010

I love to WIN!

I'd like to apologize for slacking on my blog and not posting anything new this month. Unfortunately, the work I put into my blog didn't produce the audience I wanted. Now I know what everyone is thinking.. "These things take time" I understand that! The blog, the coupon clipping and filing, the reading and studying and endless math was just too much for me to handle on top of my normal mommy duties. Also, while I was working on store deals and matchups I discovered something new that I immediately fell in love with. Blog giveaways! Some of them are hosted by sponsors and some are paid out of pocket by the blogger themselves. Some of them are small prizes under $10 and some of them I have seen with an ARV of over $500! I have spent the last two and half weeks sitting at my computer night after night entering giveaway after giveaway from a listing on Let me tell you, it has really paid off! I have won at least one prize every day for the last 16 days! It's fun, it's exciting and I'm learning so much about products I never knew existed. I'm experiencing a whole new way of doing shopping and a whole new way of meeting people and also a new way of using social networks as a tool! I've been studying these new blogs and I'm seriously considering working this blog into a product review and giveaway blog rather than a source for buying cheap groceries. Stay tuned and in the meantime please check out one of my favorite review blogs, the Sugar Pop Ribbons blog. I recently won an item of my choice from Down East Basics. So without delay, head over to her blog, sign up for her newsletters to keep up to date on her giveaways and start entering!!
P.S. Here is the outfit I chose to get from my winnings.
Isn't it cute?
Good luck with all your upcoming giveaways!