Friday, April 9, 2010

Shopping trip recap April 8th, 2010

This week at our local Price Chopper store in Cicero, I scored some amazing deals. In the sunday paper, the weekly ad had 3 double coupons up to $3! I spent $3.19 and this is what I got!:
2 Wishbone Dressing (16oz)- B1G1 Free Sale matched with a $1.25 (doubled to $2.50). Final Price: $.09 each
4 boxes of GM cereal (10oz variety)- In ad coupon 4/$6 which is a great deal in itself. I matched that deal with 2 $1/2 coupons and doubled those and scored these for $.50 each!
2 packages of Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies (for the kids of course.... haha)- On Sale 2/$4. I matched that sale with the $1 isave coupon that prints from your advantage card in the front of the store along with a $1 coupon I had from the back of a box of Club crackers and got these for $1 each.
Total here is: $4.19
AND THEN.. I had $1 catalina coupon making my total $3.19!!  Total savings was $21.04

My target trip was even more successful but a tad less practical. I spent $1.51 and saved $33.41! I bought:
Airwick freshmatic imotion- Price cut $6. $2 target coupon was matched with $5 MFQ to make it FREE! (Adjusted target coupon down to make it FREE with no overage).
Airwick imotion oil- Price cut $6 $2 target coupon was matched with $4 MFQ to make it FREE!
4 Tide travel packages- I used 4 $1.00 MFQ which did not exclude trial sizes, making this FREE + $.12 overage.
4 Arm and Hammer travel toothpaste- I used 2 $2.50/2 MFQ making it FREE + $.56 overage!
1 Satin care trial size shaving gel- I used $1.00 off 1 MFQ which also did not exclude trial sizes making it FREE with $.03 overage!
2 Cokes (for my daughter and me as a reward for bargain shopping)- Target B1G1 FREE coupon- $1.59
I only ended up paying for one soda and deposit on both. With the overages, my total came to $1.51!!

Just a note on trial size items. Use these coupons at your leisure. If the coupon does not restrict using it on trial items it is often a good idea to use up your coupons this way before they expire. Travel sizes are good for giving to house guest, children for sleepovers, weekend trips, purses, office desks, or to just fill in the gaps before you can find another amazing deal.

I did the rest of my shopping at Wegmans this week and spent $34. This includes the groceries I needed for the week and a few stockpile items. (PS I just started doing match ups a few weeks ago. It's easy to learn)!

Just wanted to touch on the best deal at Wegmans this week.
Stayfree maxi pads 18ct- on sale with shopper's club card for 2/$5. I used this sale and matched it with my $2.00 off any size stayfree and got them for $.50 each. (Must have 2 coupons)

If you want to start couponing and finding the ultimate steals each week, it's a great idea to buy 2 sunday papers each week. This will make some free or almost free deals very often when you match them with B1G1  deals and 2 for deals. Good luck shopping this weekend and may you find Bunches of Bargains!