Sunday, April 4, 2010

Price Chopper "FREE" Coupons

Just a word about Price Choppers coupon policies. I was shopping in their store today and unfortunately found out that Price Chopper does NOT accept internet printable coupons that have the word "FREE" on them. This includes "Buy X get Y FREE", "Buy Xqty and get X or Y FREE" and so on. What a bummer! Places that do accept these coupons include Wegmans (Route 31 location for sure) and Super Walmart (Route 31). I ended up voiding out my coffee-mate and my tropicana juice so I could use my coupons elsewhere. I still saved 42% on my bill. Total grocery cost for the week was $145. I paid $86!!!! Happy Easter everyone! *EDIT: Wegmans Ad states that they do not accept internet printables for free or B1G1 free. I have used them there before and will try to verify the policy for the local Wegmans here in CNY. Please present these coupons at your own risk until then and never hesitate to ask for the item to be take off your order if you cannot use these coupons.