Monday, November 15, 2010

Mr. Steamy Review

(HSN clip demonstrating the Mr. Steamy)

I will admit that I'm not to greatest person at doing laundry and I certainly wouldn't ever make a career out of it. I am often very forgetful when it comes to doing our family's laundry. I often forget the to add the fabric softener, sometimes even the laundry detergent, but most of all I forget to take my clothes and towels out of the dryer soon after they are done which leads to wrinkly, unwearable clothes.

I choose not to use an iron on my clothes for many reasons. For one, I have children and I can't stand the thought of them getting burned on it if I happen to turn my back for a split second. Also, using such direct high heat tends to ruin and break down my clothing. Lastly, the starched and crispy look and feel of ironing should be left in the 90s where it belongs...

I love the Mr. Steamy that I received for review. It solves 2 of out 3 of my most common laundry mishaps! If I happen to forget my regular fabric softener I can add the Mr. Steamy Fresh Shot fabric softener right into the dryer ball and if I forget my clothes in the dryer, I can add water to the dryer ball and turn the dryer back on for only a short time.

The steam that is produce from the heat from the dryer and the water from the dryer ball is a fast and unique way to release wrinkles inside the dryer without spending hundreds of dollars on a fabric wrinkle remover machine. The Mr. Steamy can be used on all fabric without doing any damage.

When using the Mr. Steamy during your regular drying cycle, you will considerably cut down your dryer time. This is helping when you need to save some money at the laundromat or are looking to decrease the family's energy use inside the home.

There is only one thing that is undesirable when using the Mr. Steamy and that is the banging noise you get from using the dryer balls. It really drives my husband bonkers but personally I like it because I know that when i don't hear them anymore I need to run down to the laundry room and remove the clothes from the dryer. I guess listening to you clothes becoming wrinkle-free while you're living your life with your family isn't so undesirable after all!

To purchase Mr. Steamy, you can hunt them down anywhere As Seen On TV products are sold or you can log on to their website and order them for $19.99 plus S&H.

Step 1 - Add water to Mister Steamy.Step 2 - Toss Mister Steamy in the dryer.Step 3 - As dryer heats up ball steams up!